Secure payment

Payment by Credit Card, Postcard, Postfinance e-finance

The site guarantees the security of your online purchases thanks to the SystemPay secure payment solution set up with our Swiss PostFinance bank. SystemPay is PCI-DSS V1.2 compliant and has 3DS approval as standard.

3-D Secure is a secure Internet payment protocol that was developed by Visa® and Mastercard® to allow merchants to limit the risk of Internet fraud related to identity theft attempts. It consists of making sure, during each online payment, that the card is used by its holder (validation in two steps).

After selecting your payment method, you will be redirected, via a secure SSL connection, to the PostFinance Suisse online payment site. If you have a Visa® or Mastercard® card, you will be asked for either your date of birth or a limited-life security code (which is sent to you on your mobile phone), depending on the protocol adopted by the bank that issued your credit card.

With Paypal

PayPal® helps protect your credit card information with the best systems on the market for security and fraud prevention. To pay via Paypal®, two possibilities:

- or you already have a PayPal® account, and you log into your account at the time of payment.

- or you do not have a Paypal account but you can pay for your order via Paypal using a bank card that is not accepted by (American Express, Aurore, Cofinoga, 4 Etoiles). Then follow the instructions on the screen.