About us


Indeed, PHARMAshop is a chain of pharmacies in Geneva which keeps their neighborhood identity for its pharmacies. We are light years away from the big national brands that offer the same product in St. Gallen, Lugano or Geneva.

This can already be seen by the name of pharmacies: each has its name linked to its street, its building, or its history. Because a neighborhood pharmacy is one of the places that residents who have stayed there for some time will certainly remember.

But it is also by their accessibility. No need to look for them in large shopping centers. They are visible around the corner of your street.

Finally PHARMAshop is intrinsically a "pharmacy". The business has always been run by pharmacists, knowing the value of contacts at a pharmacy counter. There you will find qualified and experienced professionals.

So do not hesitate to contact the PHARMAshop pharmacy that suits you. With us, you directly reach the pharmacy team. Each person you have on the phone works in one of our pharmacies.